Special Event Concessions


Special Event Concessions

Off the court. Out of the pool. We are the reigning pros off the field, your concessionaire for any sporting event. We do it without helmets, racquets, or a set of irons. Game face on!

We’ve done it all – the Super Bowl, Major League Baseball All Star Game, US Davis Cup Tennis Tournament, United States National Diving Championships, PGA TOUR, and everything imaginable in between. Holsen Entertainment was there with our special brand of hospitality production. Our PGA TOUR events are a great reference to our national exposure, but our expertise does not stop at incredible golf concessions! At Super Bowl XXXVIII, Holsen Entertainment generated over one million dollars in gross concession revenue at The Main Event. Holsen Entertainment turned right around and repeated this success at Super Bowl XXXIX, Super Bowl XLIV, and again in Miami at Super Bowl LIV.

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You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Sub Services

There simply is no substitute for experience. Pick a sporting event and Spectrum Concessions will provide a concession experience to complement it. Contracting with Spectrum Concessions eliminates risk and the “what if” factor, replacing it with quality, professionalism, and enhanced revenue streams.

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